Writers’ Guidelines

We are currently closed to submissions for our Print Edition.

We are open to submissions for the Web Edition only.

Our usual guidelines are, as you’ll know if you’ve looked before, pretty long and involved. In light of the fact that this is a temporary site filling in for server problems, we’re boiling it down to the bare minimum here. Please realize that the items listed below are the few things that we absolutely, positively cannot consider submissions that don’t follow. Keep this in mind when submitting.

TGH publishes dark fiction that falls anywhere within the “speculative fiction” spectrum: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. We highly recommend reading some of what we’ve published before submitting; the Web Edition is free, and is full of great examples of the type of fiction we love.

1. Your email subject line MUST read: Fiction Submission/First three words of your story’s title. That’s it. Please don’t include any other information in your subject, and please don’t leave out the “fiction submission” intro. We have separate email addresses for different things, but it all dumps into ONE inbox and this is how we sort out what goes where.

2. Format your manuscript professionally. Use a standard font (we prefer Courier New, but we’ll take any standard font), left-justified, double spaced. We prefer a header with your name and page numbers.

3. We can accept .doc, .docx, and .rtf files. We cannot accept files from any other word processor, and we won’t even bother to open a .pdf. If you’re converting from another word processor into .doc or .rtf, please have someone you know test the file on a computer running Word; this type of conversion tends to create files full of unreadable gobbledy-gook, which we will not try to decipher. Oh, and don’t paste the story into the body of your email; attachments only.

4. Include a brief cover letter. We don’t want a synopsis of your story, and we don’t want your life story either. Just say “hi,” introduce yourself so we know what to call you, and let us know you have a story for us. We like to have the title and word count in the cover email as well. If you’d like to mention a couple of your previous publications you’re particularly proud of, that’s cool, but please do not list every magazine and anthology you’ve ever been in. Please keep your list to a maximum of three previous publications.

5. We do not accept reprints for TGH. (This means stories that have been previously published anywhere, including a personal blog or school lit magazine, even if it’s no longer available.)

6. We do not accept simultaneous submissions. (This means do not submit something to us that’s also under consideration at another market.)

7. We do not accept multiple submissions. (This means do not submit more than one thing to us at a time.) Also, please allow a 90 day window after receiving a response from us (either accept OR reject) before submitting again.

8. We publish fiction only, no poetry.

9. Word count max 10,000. (Note: This is new.) There is no minimum; we like flash fiction just fine.

10. Our Web Edition is a Non Paying Market. We know Duotrope lists us as a paying market, but that’s the Print Edition only, which is currently closed to submissions.

Send submissions to submissions@title-goes-here.com .


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