TGH Fiction Online

Welcome to our archive page for Title Goes Here: Web Edition!

All issues of Title Goes Here: Web Edition are available on our main website. As long as that site continues to work for us, and this one remains just a backup, we aren’t updating all the old issues here. The current issue, however is Issue 2.5. If you want to read the rest of the issues that aren’t available here, please visit the main site.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy reading!

~Inanna Gabriel

Issue 1.2: February 2011

Issue 1.1: January 2011


6 Responses to “TGH Fiction Online”

  1. TGH, the online issue looks great, very stylish in a “Silent Hill” type of way. One thing though, there are letters missing throughout the script, making for a hard read. ANyway, would love to see it in print. Just saying…

    Have a good one!


  2. Hey, John!

    Got it fixed… again… sigh… 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!


  3. Finished the first story and loved the irony of a semi-retired English professor being haunted by the books of her deceased husband–nice read. I had began reading the story when it still had all the dropped A’s in it. Thought the magazine was attempting some cool look that had escaped me–much prefer the letter inserted (definitely easier to read)–looking forward to getting to the other stories–

  4. Another month and another bunch of great tales–looking good.

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