Print Edition: .PDF Version

Beginning with Issue Six, in addition to our usual print edition, Title Goes Here: is also available as a .pdf file! The print edition will be available soon, but we’ve decided to make the .pdf available now!

Issue Six features the story “Dead Weight” by John Richard Albers, as well as stories by Jason Helmandollar, Alexander Bouillion, C. Deskin Rink, Jacob Edwards, and two TGH alums, Paul Anderson and JJ Beazley.

The print edition will also include another amazing cover by artist Christopher Orapello.

So beat the rush–get your .pdf edition today!


One Response to “Print Edition: .PDF Version”

  1. Just a quickie note to this page – We’re in the process of gradually transferring to a new site because WordPress has proven to have limitations now that we’re using it for more than we were before. One thing we’ve learned is that it won’t support PayPal buttons, hence the lack of a way to buy the .pdf above. Click the “Buy TGH” link on the right and it’ll take you to a page that works šŸ˜€

    Thanks for everybody’s patience while we work out the bugs of our new features!


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