Most issues of Title Goes Here: Print Edition are available thorugh our CafePress store. CafePress has recently discountinued the addition of new book titles, so the latest issue, Issue Eleven, is actually at LuLu instead.

Issues 10 and 11 are also available in eBook form at Smashwords. Future issues will also be available as eBooks, and we will be converting a portion of our back catalog to eBook as well if sales of the current issues warrant it.

We also have a Web Edition, which is posted online monthly and includes completely different stories than the Print Edition. The Web Edition is a downloadable .pdf, and all issues are currently housed on our broken-down server. We’re looking into ways to get them linked here; they’ll be here on this page once we have it figured out.

Thanks for checking us out! Hopefully the site will be out of transition very soon!

~Inanna and Chris



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  1. […] to go straight to the purchase page for the print issue. If you’d rather do the .pdf, click here, or click the “Buy TGH” link to the right. As usual, we’re leaving comments open on this […]

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