The main site *might* be back up…

Well, our main site at does appear to be working again. I’m not holding my breath just yet, though, so I’ll be continuing to update both sites for a little while yet.

I’ve had several days worth of one of the most horrific customer service experiences I’ve ever had in my life, and I’m really really really hoping it’s truly resolved. If anybody out there is considering using Hostmonster for your website, think really hard before you do. Also be careful; there are several of them that appear to be owned by the same people or are otherwise all connected. Is there anybody reading who has their own site who has a webhost they actually love? I’d be very interested in hearing who it is and why! (Please note: this is not an invitation for your to spam our blog with ads for your own company! Those will be deleted unread just like any other spam!)

OK, I’m done ranting for now. I’ll be getting the main site back up to date tonight. Thanks again for all your patience!



~ by inannag on May 16, 2012.

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