Issue Two

Hello again!

Continuing with our project to add a separate page for each issue, here is the page for Issue Two!

Issue two was released on January 13th, 2010. (Well, that was the official release date, anyway–it actually made it out a bit late due to some issues with the printer. But it’s here now, so who’s counting, right?)

Authors this issue are Tom Hamilton, Kristine Ong Muslim, Alison J. Littlewood, Paul Anderson, and JJ Beazley. Our cover artist for Issue Two is the amazing Daniele Serra.

You may well have heard a couple of these names before–I know I had. They’re all great stories, from great authors, but we’re extremely proud to be able to include Kristine Ong Muslim and Alison J. Littlewood within our pages. I’m pretty confident there are several other authors from our 2010 print run who are going to be very recognizable names in the future, but these two are the real deal–right now.

So, once again, I’m leaving comments active on this page, in the hope of generating some discussion about the issue. So if you’ve read it, or have read any other stories by this issue’s authors, or just really like (or don’t like) the cover art, let everybody know about it!

Click here or on the cover image to buy the issue.

‘Til next time (which will be in about 3 minutes, when I do the page for issue 3…),

~Inanna Gabriel


~ by inannag on April 15, 2010.

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