Issue Three

OK, this might be overkill, as I already put up a page announcing that Issue 3 is available. But I’ve since then decided to this page-per-issue thing with the comments open, so I’m going to add this page as well.

Issue Three has been out for about two days as of this post, released on April 13th, 2010. This issue features fiction by Jeremiah Donaldson, Martin Turton, Edward Rodosek, Ivan Sun, and Lawrence Buentello. Cover art for this issue is by Paul Robinson. There’s also a back-cover ad for artist Chris Orapello, and even though it’s an ad, that’s well worth a look, too, as it does feature one of his amazing paintings. Mr. Orapello will be our cover artist for Issue Four, so consider this your sneak preview! 😀

Those of you who read Issue Two, and read my rant–er, editorial–will know how I feel about the abhorrent, teeny-bopper twist that vampire fiction has taken of late. Our feature story this issue, “The Pendant” by Jeremiah Donaldson, is a nice relief from that. This is what vampires should be like, folks.  Well, in my humble opinion, anyway.

As always, if you’ve read the issue, or have read anything else by these authors, and have something to say, post a comment. Comments regarding the art, the editorials, magazine layout and/or anything else you can think of to say related to the magazine are fair game as well. We’d love to see what everybody has to say!

Click here or on the cover image to buy the issue.

Looking forward to your comments,

~Inanna Gabriel


~ by inannag on April 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Issue Three”

  1. The website looks great Inanna and so does the new issue!

  2. The new layout is looking good, Inanna!

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